We will be delighted to inspect and value items for future sales, free of charge and without obligation, at Baffins Hall, at your home for larger items or, for silver and jewellery, at your Bank if this is more convenient. We also specialise in providing written valuations for insurance, probate and family division. If you have a valuation enquiry, please call 01243 532223 or fill in the form below.

We hold Valuation Days at Baffins Hall every month when you can bring any items you are considering selling by auction for a free appraisal by one of our valuers.

These valuation days are the ideal time to bring along your small items such as pieces of silver, jewellery, coins and watches, paintings, clocks, ceramics, glass, collectables and small pieces of furniture. For larger pieces, we will be pleased to come to your home and inspect the items to give you an idea of their auction value.

Probate Inheritance Tax Valuation Service

We aim to provide a quick and efficient service for Executors of estates by keeping the administration to a minimum and enabling the estate to be dispersed quickly. As soon as we are contacted, priority is given to visiting the vacant premises, carrying out a valuation and advising on the best means of disposal of the contents. The probate will then be typed, bound and sent to you as soon as possible.

Once matters with the estate have been settled and it has been decided to sell all or part of the contents through our saleroom, our carriers can remove the saleable items and this can be followed by a clearance and sweep through service by a house clearer if required. We can organise this for you. A fee is charged for such valuations please call us for further information and to make an appointment.

Insurance Valuation Service

With burglary an ever-increasing problem and with fire an ever-present possibility, it is the responsibility of every householder to prove to their insurance company the extent of any loss they may suffer. Allied to this are the increasing values of antiques and fine art which many people fail to realise or simply become out of touch with current values.

A detailed valuation provided by Henry Adams will give an overall total for an entire house contents, listing all the more significant items. Charges are agreed in advance and are based upon time spent rather than a percentage of the total. Our minimum charge is £150 plus VAT.

Appointments for Probate (now known as Inheritance Tax) or Insurance Valuations can be made by contacting us on 01243 532223.

Valuation Enquiries

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